Green Hands Organization is a socio-civic club that is not typical with others; it is focusing in environmental causes that will help build a conducive learning environment within the campus.
Green Hands Organization as it is called is an eye opener, wherein it broadens the self awareness of each member in nature, therefore creating core values. It ties up with the concepts of ‘going green’ plus the strategy of being effective entrepreneurs to make activities in lieu with its objective: Recycle, Innovate, then SAVE!


Creating Premium Circles - is the main goal of this organization, helping each and every student to build a good foundation through extended networks.


  • To build a conducive ambiance for the development of camaraderie and active participation in the activities of the Manila Business College's Marketing and Management Society.
  • To create quality circles of students, helping each other develop skills that are necessary in the Business field.
  • To make networks inside and outside the Manila Business College-that will provide students an advantage when they step in their chosen fields.


It is composed of three-inter clubs such as MBC Dance Company, Teatro MBC and MBC Music Club.

As they say, “ We C.R.E.A.T.E ! ”

    C - ultivate self-esteem and self-value

    R - espect their bodies and establish healthy lifestyles

    E - xpress themselves and channe; energy through creative alternatives

    A - chieve goals and maintain a positive attitude through challenges

    T - ake part in consistent programming that promotes friendship and a sense of belonging

    E - xpand their perspectives through community service and cultural learning


The purpose of this club is to provide an opportunity for students of Manila Business College to maintain academic proficiency and promote leadership skills.

  • To enhance the academic proficiency of its members in our chosen field of study.
  • To build a sense of community for the development of camaraderie and active participation in the activities of the Club.
  • To help each other develop ousr skills that is necessary to our field.
  • To make affilations inside and outside the Manila Business College that will provide us an advantage when we step in our chosen field.
  • To promote and enchance technical skills among MBC students.

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