The Manila Business College Foundation was a lifelong dream of Dr. Thomas C.K Chua, and now came to a reality. An educator and philanthropist, Dr. Chua envisioned a nation of entrepreneurs and suppliers, as compared to the usual view of Filipinos being merely customers and consumers. The founder of the college is a holder of a Ph.D. degree in Business Management who came to the Philippines in 1970 to set up several business establishments with the purpose of helping develop the Philippine economy. With his long stay in the Philippines, he found out that he could help young Filipino students more by establishing a business school. He wants to help young Filipinos acquire an adequate knowledge and skills in business management and become successful entrepreneurs who will be experts in managing their own business.

With this, he consulted a group of experts and, together, they organized the Board of Trustees with the founder as the Honorary Chairman and put up a foundation dedicated in shaping the hearts and minds of Filipinos to become much more than they are − successful businessmen with the knowledge and skills to excel in their chosen fields. Thus, Manila Business College was born, duly registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on September 15, 2000 under SEC Reg. No. A200012891.

With the Executive Committee organized, and Dr. Chua occupying the position of Chairman of the Board, MBC invited Dr. Pedro G. Villaflores, a former Director of CHED, to become its first College President. Together, with the help of the Board, faculty, and the staff, they have paved the way to slowly but surely improve the quality of education that the College can provide, producing quality entrepreneurs along the way, and expanding the curriculum to meet and adapt to the changing times and trends.

Today, Manila Business College commits Dr. Thomas Chua's original beliefs that quality education is necessary to develop responsible and innovative individuals to be responsive to change, and to be dedicated to the progress and development of the social and economic conditions of the country.

Manila Business College

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