The Guidance and Counseling Office provides the following eight (8) key services:

  • COUNSELING - it seeks to assist students in learning how to focus on certain concerns and address them positively and finally come up with their own solutions.
  • INFORMATION - by providing them with opportunities to acquire useful information.
  • REFERRAL SYSTEM - is a strong evidence of the counselor-teacher-parent relationship.
  • RESEARCH AND EVALUATION - to ensure the improvement of all services.
  • CAREER DEVELOPMENT - to help students who are having difficulties with their choice of careers.
  • PLACEMENT - helps graduating students and even alumni in finding jobs that will help them improve their socio-economic status.
  • TESTING AND MEASUREMENT - to help each student improve his self-knowledge and discover his own potential and capabilities.
  • SPECIAL PROJECTS - aim to discover students with leadership potential.


The school clinic located at the third floor of the MBC Building offers various health services from health teachings to first aid

treatments. They offer free physical examination for incoming freshmen students every 1st trimester of each school year, wherein

the said exam is done at its partner clinic- S.M. Lazo.

Making sure that students are always ready for their school activities, The MBC clinic also provides free assessment, free starter

doses of medications and necessary referrals to S.M. Lazo or accessible hospitals when further evaluation and treatment is needed.

They also conduct health programs such as patient education through seminars, dissemination of reading materials and

utilization of bulletin boards to strengthen and health promotion among these bright individuals.

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