Unlimited Scholarship Program

Manila Business College is seeking for SCHOLARS, STUDENT-ACHIEVERS, and students who EXCEL ACADEMICALLY by self motivation and driven passions. We believe that EDUCATION is a RIGHT not a privilege. By saying so, we give each and every upcoming graduate from secondary level a chance to fight for their right by providing them a FREE Qualifying Examination for the Unlimited Scholarship Program. To obtain this chance for the examination, it only requires the applicant to belong in the Top 20 percent of a high school graduating class and is of Good Moral Character.

By Unlimited, MBC wanted to express the amount of help they can provide which is LIMITLESS, for scholars who will surely bring out their best and lay it on the table. Mainly, we cater to every person's need to gain an excellent education. By giving this ERUDITION, MBC aims to fulfill the most valued Youth REVERIE, and that is for the betterment of their future in which we presume is wisely thought of for at this stage they always aim for what can be best deserved.


  1. Eligibility

    • Graduating High School Students

    • With Certificate of Good Moral Character

    • With an average grade of 82.5%

    • Must be Filipino Citizens

  2. Two (2) types of MBC Unlimited Scholars: Scores and Corresponding Scholarships

    • 95% and above: Chairman's Scholarship

      1. 100% FREE Tuition Fee : PhP150,000.00*

      2. 100% FREE Miscellaneous Fee: PhP 75,000.00*

    • 85% to 94% : College Scholarship

      1. 100% FREE Tuition Fee: PhP 150,000.00*

        *depending on chosen course

  3. Maintaining the Scholarship

    • Chairman's Scholarship

      1. Maintaining GPA of 1.5 every term

      2. No grade lower than 2.0

      3. Clean disciplinary record

      4. Abide by the MBC scholars guidelines

    • College Scholarship

      1. Maintaining GPA of 1.75 every term

      2. No grade lower than 2.0

      3. Clean disciplinary record

      4. Abide by the MBC scholars guidelines

  4. Possible Upgrading or Downgrading of Scholarship

    • Even if a student is admitted as a College Scholar in the MBC Unlimited Scholarship Program (with 100% Free Tuition Fee), his or her scholarship may be upgraded to the Chairman's Scholarship if he or she attains a CGPA of 1.50 in one (1) year of continuous stay at MBC. On the other hand, if a student is admitted as a Chairman's Scholar, but he or she is unable to maintain the required GPA; his or her scholarship will be downgraded or even revoked.

  5. Submission of false and fraudulent information and documents shall subject the student to outright disqualification and expulsion from this program and possible criminal prosecution.

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For more information, call us at (02) 741-3489 or e-mail us at unlimited_scholarship@mbc.edu.ph.

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